3. I'm Alive, So Everything I Own Is My Lucky Everything (featuring Sage Francis, Prolyphic, and Buddy Peace)
3. I'm Alive, So Everything I Own Is My Lucky Everything (featuring Sage Francis, Prolyphic, and Buddy Peace)
November 24, 2014 0 Comments

Songwriting 101, kids - the longer the song title, the doper the song.  Case in point.

This was the final song recorded for We Brought Knives.  It was originally intended to be a bonus cut for the physical release, but when we heard the final mix we agreed it was too dope to not be a full fledged family member.  I'm also not going to write out the lyrics, because our homey Hugo is working on one of those dope lyric-videos that I've always wanted.  WORK FASTER, HUGO!  When we release that video I'll update this post.  Boom.

The idea for the song was inspired by the last few dates on the Copper Gone tour, where we had the blessing of accompanying Sage, Dolan, Lord Grunge, Madge, Irena, and Prolyphic for shows in Philly, Portland, and Providence.  I was inspired during this mini-run, again, by the Strange Famous records aesthetic.  Nobdy's trying to do anything gimmicky.  Nobody's going for the cheap PR grab.  To quote Dolan: "They don't want to grind out on the road like I do.  They just stay home and hope to go viral".  SFR is made up of people who record and perform really, really well.  Nobody is going to be a blog darling.  Nobody is ever going to excite these finicky Brooklyn kids who rely on Mishka to tell them who is hot.  But you could take the line-up of those Copper Gone shows and put it up against any other group of hip hop artists - if SFR isn't blowing them away, we're at least holding our own.  Dead ass.  

It's working man's hip hop (shouts to Prolyphic).  And I couldn't think of a higher compliment.  Do your job, and do it well.  Don't make a big deal out of it.  This is what my momma and poppa taught me.  This is why SFR is the label we fought so hard to be a part of.  After an incredible Providence show to close out Sage's tour, the whole crew met up at iHop for a 2AM family brunch.  It was fucking amaaaaaaaazing.  Another memory to get tucked away and recalled when I'm trying to remember how good life can be sometimes.  

To that end, we reached out to Sage, Prolyphic, and Dolan to jump on the song.  Only Dolan wasn't able to - but he's in the middle of writing two records I believe, so it was understandable.  I'll hold out hopes for a Redux.  The magnamous Buddy Peace laid the cuts down, and voilah: another entry into my "favorite collaborations we've ever been a part of" list.  I CANNOT WAIT TO PERFORM THIS LIVE SOME DAY.  WITH BUDDY PEACE.  SOMEONE BUY HIM A TICKET.

I'll summarize by quoting Prolyphic's closing line from the song: "Did three shows in a row, but I'm back in time at 9:00 on Monday".

Damn straight.  

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