12. Clarence Clemons
12. Clarence Clemons
December 1, 2014 0 Comments

Don't want to say anything on this one outside of what's said in the song.  Thank you to everyone we've leaned on over the last seven years.  You know who you ahhhhhh.

Hope everyone digs the record.

Love, Sean

The good lord gave me a heart like a lion and a body like a zoo.  If my blood is the ocean then music is the moon.  If you held my skin to the light and pulled it tight you could see right through.  I've been trying my whole life to to describe this feeling inside.  I felt it ever since my grandfather died.  I want to tell you how I can feel the ache in your sides.  How my chest is big enough to take yours and make them mine.

Tell my sister that she's like the light.  Not a building in New York to contain her.  Tell her she can talk as loud as she wants to.  Tell her she's too strong for these strangers.  Tell my brother that he's like a rock.  Always there you don't have to think twice.  Tell him he's too smart for these crumb bums.  Tell him don't worry, son.  Live life.

Tell my father that he's like the tide.  He's got life pouring out of his skin.  Tell him when I think about the kind of man I want to be I think about him.  Tell my mother that she's like the Earth.  She's all there is.  She's everything.  Tell her when she's driving and a song comes on the radio that hell yeah she should sing.

Tell Six Guns that he changed my life.  Tell him how the universe forced us together.  Forget the music or the stage.  The words written on a page.  I love you, money.  You're my brother.  Tell my lady that she's like the stars.  Without her I would never know the way.  Tell her as long as I know that she's out there I know that everything is going to be OK.

Everybody's gotta stand on their own.  I'm not afraid.  I feel strong.  I don't need you to pick me up.  But I might need a friend that I can lean on.

The old man gave me this insatiable thirst.  And I've tried so hard to know what it's about.  Open up my veins and they would gasp and cough up dust.  I could fit the ocean in my mouth.  I don't recall the first time thinking things weren't working out.  I don't remember how I felt when I was born.  But I do recall this one time where the wind just wrecked our shit and tore our house down.  But I swear there was no storm.

I think that's maybe the year that Norman lived with me and Mom.  But my memories crap.  I could be wrong.  I'm pretty sure around that time I tried to drive forever til the road would swallow me and I'd be gone.  I felt so fucking bad because Todd's dad died driving the train.  And mine's just sleeping on a futon down in Denver.  Family's more than blood.  My brothers kept my head up in the flood.  Because you don't get to pick the things that last forever.

Tell my big brother that I'm sorry.  That I wish I could make everything new.  That even though we don't talk I know deep down he's a good man.  I keep him in my heart in everything I do.  Tell my father that he might not believe me, but I admire him for everything he's done.  And I understand how hard it must have been to make those choices.  But I'm OK.  And I'm proud to be his son.  

Tell my mother that I feel the pain she's been through.  And I wish I could have done more than I did.  But I am the man I am because of her.  I hope she knows that.  It's just hard to say that shit when you're a kid.  Tell Sean I got no words left to describe it.   That I can't write it.  That there's nothing left to say.  To do it justice.  But I love you money til I'm in the grave and that's something they can never take away.  Tell Emily that nobody is perfect.  And I know you know that's true because you know me.  But I'm the wave and your the land.  There's some things you just can't plan.  But trust me you're stronger than you think.

Everybody's gotta stand on their own.  I'm not afraid.  I feel strong.  I don't need you to pick me up.  But I might need a friend that I can lean on.

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